Theater of Karma - Kooch Daniels, M.A.

Theater of Karma - Kooch Daniels, M.A.

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"What kind of stone is that?" asked Mark. "Is that an amethyst? the color is amazing." He reached toward Carmella's things and picked up her treasure.

For unknown reasons, a current of fear shot through her body. At the same moment, the electricity completely went out and the room became dark. "Give me my stone," she repeated in a panic.

Dancing shadows filled the night air.

With Theater of Karma, Kooch Daniels takes the Tarot out of the realm of the academic and into the unpredictable world of potential reality. Each chapter depicts events that a card reader might conceivably hear when giving readings to the public. Each major arcana card's keywords and thematic are the underlying foundation for each chapter. Each character - many of them portraits from the author's own experiences - could easily turn up in your next reading. But just as each of the Major Arcana comes together to illuminate a spiritual journey, so too does each chapter of Theater of Karma combine to tell a tale of romance, tragedy, suspense, and ultimately, hope.

"It is, after all, fiction in the real world!"

- Bonnie Cehovet review of Theater of Karma

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