The Process: The Way of the Tarot Reader, an Audiobook on CD by Dan M. Pelletier

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Part Number:A-076 want to learn about reading Tarot? Well, be here tomorrow around noon. Dress warmly, very warmly. Wear raingear, work-gloves, and a rain hat. Eat a good hearty meal before you get here. Do you have the address?

See you at noon then. Goodbye. 

Join master storyteller, Dan Pelletier on a completely unique take on the Tarot - how to read the cards, and how to place the wisdom in your life. Voiced in first person, you become Dan s apprentice as you listen to The Process. Beginners and experienced readers alike will find fertile material for contemplation and experimentation for their own unique path of the way of the Tarot Reader. 

Track 1: Title and Copyright

Track 2: Cabin Fever Part 1

Track 3: The Call 

Track 4: Prolog

Track 5: Chapter 1: Beginnings

Track 6: Chapter 2: Beginnings Part 2

Track 7: Chapter 3: Numbers

Track 8: Chapter 4: In the Camp of the Enemy

Track 9: Chapter 5: The Suits

Track 10: Cabin Fever Part 2

Track 11: Chapter 6: The Skeptic 

Track 12: Chapter 7: Decks

Track 13: Chapter 8: The Question

Track 14: Chapter 9: Spreads

Track 15: Chapter 10: Shuffling

Track 16: Chapter 11: Flashes

Track 17: Chapter 12: Card Interpretations

Track 18: Chapter 13: Ethics 

Track 19: Chapter 14: Reading for Others

Track 20: Regular Playing Cards

Track 21: Chapter 16: The Blank Spot

Track 22: Cabin Fever Part 3 

Track 23: Chapter 17: The Moment

Track 24: Chapter 18: Timing

Track 25: Chapter 19: Reading and Your Health 

Track 26: Chapter 20: The Event

Track 27: Cabin Fever Part 4 

Track 28: Chapter 21: The Business of Tarot

Track 29: Chapter 22: Reading with Majors Only 

Track 30: Chapter 23: A Spiritual Approach

Track 31: Toothpicks

Track 32: Chapter 25: Readings from the Journal

Track 33: Chapter 26: ROTA

Track 34: Cabin Fever

Track 35: Credits

Track 36: Ukiyoe

The Process is an audio book -- a personal journey with Dan through the garden of each reader's spirit, in a quest to understand the cards without need of "canned approach" books or tables or lists of meanings. You'll discover how to free yourself from the fear of "missing the meaning," by developing a stronger relationship with the tarot, and coming to trust your instincts. Dan helps to dispel the myths that hinder readers' progress, replacing them with solid, no-nonsense advice for building skill and confidence.