Rune Workshop June 5, 2018: The Medieval Runes

Rune Workshop June 5, 2018: The Medieval Runes

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Join teacher and writer Anastasia Haysler for a monthly rune workshop from the comfort of your home! Each month, we'll look at a few runes in detail—their names, descriptions in the various Rune Poems, associations and interpretations both historical and modern, and ways of working with their energies to make your readings rich, deep, and meaningful.

To conclude the series, we'll look at the set of medieval runes which some rune workers consider the fifth aett. Given how much later these runes appeared, some people view them as magical symbols only, since they were not typically used in rune writings. We'll look at both sides of the runes, and see what works!

This online workshop is held at 7:00 PM Pacific Time, and runs for 90 minutes. We use a Google Hangout for real-time video and audio during the workshop. The link for the workshop will be sent the Monday prior to the event.

Each workshop is a stand-alone event, so you don't have to attend all of them. It's more fun if you do, of course, but it's not required!

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