Moon Garden Essence: Clove

Moon Garden Essence: Clove

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Clove's spicy scent is said to bring fiery energy and warmth to your atmosphere, and to your magical workings. Clove is good for clearing space of stuck energies, and for raising the energy level in a room.

This two ounce bottle is topped with a sprayer, which delivers a fine mist, and seals with a clear cap.

Contents: Organic clove, filtered water, potassium sorbate (a food-grade preservative).

Each aromatherapy essence is steeped during the moon cycle which enhances its attributes, and absorbs both the light of the moon and the sun as it processes.

Unlike essential oils or synthetic fragrances, Moon Garden Essences are a light scent, suitable for use indoors. The essences offer a convenient alternative to burning incense or relying on synthetic scents, both of which may trigger allergic reactions and/or fire alarms.

We use a tiny amount of potassium sorbate as a mild preservative. Even though it is a food-grade preservative, please do not ingest the essences. They are for external use only.

Essences will last for approximately three to four months at room temperature (below 80 degrees Fahrenheit), and up to six months if kept refrigerated. Because they are made with organic materials, some of the essences are naturally tinted, and may stain white or light-colored fabrics. If the essence spills, immediately rinse the fabric in cool water, spot treat if needed, and launder as usual.

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