Dali Tarot Universal - Art by Salvador Dalí, Book by Johannes Fiebig

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Salvador Dali assembled and painted 78 collages in his unique surrealist vision. An exquisite deck for historians, art lovers, and collectors, the oversized cards are each individually signed and edged in gold. For the Major Arcana, titles are given in English and Spanish, with the corresponding Hebrew letter and astrological symbol also shown. The instruction booklet comes in three languages; English, German, and French.

The work was published in a limited art edition in 1984, the first-known Tarot deck completed by a well-known painter. Dating back to the Renaissance era, Tarot—thought by some to be an interpretation of dreams or a foretelling of the future—had seen a new surge of popularity during the 1970s hippie movement. Here, TASCHEN resurrects Dalí's fascinating deck of 78 cards, featuring compelling renditions of such characters and symbols as the Magician, the Lovers, the Moon, Death, the High Priest, and the Empress, in collage designs of drawings, icons, and color splashes. The deck is accompanied by a booklet by renowned German Tarot author Johannes Fiebig.
About the Author: Psychologist and author Johannes Fiebig has committed himself to explore the symbols expressed in dreams, tarot cards or in daily experiences for over thirty years.
Fiebig was born in Cologne in 1953. His books have reached a total circulation of over two million and have been translated in more than a dozen languages. Fiebig has written numerous Tarot books with his wife Evelin Buerger and developed books about dreams and their interpretation with Klausbernd Vollmar. Supported by a team of art historians, Fiebig was the first to succeed in discovering quite all pictorial sources of classic art in the famous Dalí Tarot.
The longtime publisher of the Koenigsfurt-Urania & AGM-Urania publishing companies lives in a small village close to Kiel / Baltic Sea, Germany.

  • ISBN-10:  3836543877
  • ISBN-13:  978-3836543873

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