Children Tarot by Lele Luzzati

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From Lo Scarabeo, now out of print. 

It is easy to overlook the wisdom of innocence in favor of the more obvious wisdom of experience.  Artist Luzzati, no stranger to the wisdom of age and experience (he is nearly 80!) still maintains the sparkling eyes of a child.  He gives us an innovative gift in this deck.  The image sin this world are unfettered by shadows, moved by curiosity, and filled with joy, making even the most mundane aspects of life enchanted and magical.  Luzzati's children lead us back to our own childlike nature, creating a safe place for play and discovery -- for examining those poems never written, stories never told, pictures never painted, loves never expressed, pains never healed.  Allow the children to lead you to a different, yet no less important, type of wisdom. 

78 card deck with little white book. Box has shelf wear on one corner, but cards are in pristine condition, never used.

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