Adventures with Green Man: Book One: SEED Winter of Awakening, by James Wanless, Ph.D.

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Amazingly, the legendary and mythic Green Man began “talking" to James and said he would be his renewable Coach. This book is a true life account of James’ interactive dialogue with Green Man and the actions taken by James to follow the the “spring god’s” coaching assignments. These were filmed by James, so these “Adventures” were composed to create an E-book version of this in-print edition. Adhering to the ever-greening life principles, James has survived two bouts of cancer and has revitalized his life and career as a noted “super-ager” and eco-artist! Green Man’s counsel based upon Mother Nature’s sustainability works for all who want a long and well, happy, and prosperous life!

"James Wanless brings the mythic, magical avatar known as Green Man to life with exuberant energy and fun. Their lively dialogue and advice will resonate from Millenials to Boomers and beyond."
—Miriam Knight, New Consciousness Review

"Author James Wanless, PhD, takes readers on his ultra-personal journey from boredom, frustration and depletion to a life of wonder, exploration, and aliveness."
—Nancy Hendrickson, Green Pony Press

"Bravo! This magnificent, life-changing book holds the secrets of sustainable living."
—Wowza, Author of Wowzacise: Growing Young on the Ball

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