About Us

Tarot Media Company

Tarot Media Company was founded by Anastasia Haysler and Christophe Pettus to provide mainstream production and distribution of works by Tarot authors, artists, and scholars. Even with today’s technologies enabling self-publication, publication on demand, and video downloads, navigating the business side of Tarot takes time. By managing the business of Tarot for our authors and artists, we provide them with an opportunity to send their work out into the world and to receive a fair and reasonable return for their creative efforts. By not having to manage the business of Tarot, they are able to concentrate on their writing, art, and scholarship, furthering the quality of Tarot resources available to everyone interested in the subject.

Unlike many publishers, Tarot Media Company is dedicated to the idea that the person creating the work should derive more than a fraction of the earnings from it. Some of the major publishing houses pay as little as 0.5% (yes, that’s one-half of one percent) of the product’s net profit to their authors and artists. This means that the person who spent hours, months, or years of their life creating a book, deck, or other Tarot work may receive as little as three cents per item sold. We don’t think that’s right. We believe that it’s important to put our money where our mouth is when it comes to tangibly supporting the people who make it possible for us to expand our knowledge and appreciation of Tarot.

We thank you for shopping with us, and for your support of our authors and artists!